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Eddie: Upper Tibial Osteotomy

Athletes aren’t the only ones who fear losing their ability to be active. Everyone worries about it. From father’s playing with their children to older adults going for a stroll in the park, no one wants to be in pain due to their joints. Sadly, many wait to get joint surgery until it’s absolutely necessary, but what if you had done it sooner? What if you decided to electively break your legs to get them realigned in order to avoid mind-numbing pain and the possibility for a total knee replacement?

Let me introduce Eddie Braga, Senior Health and Performance Consultant with Florida Hospital’s Health 100 Employees. Completed only a few months apart Eddie had an upper tibial osteotomy performed on both his legs.

An upper tibial osteotomy can realign the knee by taking pressure off the damaged side usually caused by degenerative disease or malalignment (like bowlegs). Malalignment can cause excessive pressure on either the inner or outer part of the knee, which can cause the knee’s tissue to wear on one side more than the other. The osteotomy is generally used to prolong the time before a knee replacement is necessary.

Eddie came to this decision after completing the Ragnar Relay in 2012, a 198 mile relay from Miami to Key West. He had unbearable pain in his knees that he had to stop running.

Selecting a surgeon was the easy part for Eddie. He went with Dr. J. Dean Cole, a nationally recognized orthopaedic surgeon, but it wasn’t just Dr. Cole’s status and knowledge that brought him in. It was how he treats his patients, like people. Eddie felt comfortable and at ease when discussing his options with Dr. Cole. The hardest part of his decision was when to do the surgeries.

After the dates of his surgeries were selected, it was smooth sailing.

Post surgery Eddie is feeling motivated. He’s staying active and taking it one day at a time with a goal to do another Ironman triathlon or hike the Grand Canyon with his son again.

 His advice to others deciding whether or not to have an orthopaedic surgery? “Have confidence in your physician and the facility at which you’re having the surgery. Don’t let fear keep you from getting a surgery that will improve your life. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s worth the risk.” – Eddie Braga

Motivated by Eddie’s story and still trying to decide whether or not to have surgery? Book your consult today!