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Sue: No More Cranky Knees

All of my life I have been physically active despite having what I call “cranky” knees.  That, to me, meant stairs, riding bicycles and running were painful. I also dreaded airplanes because of the lack of room to stretch my knees; even movies were uncomfortable if I had to sit too long. Then the symptoms progressed. My knees buckled several times while I walked and I would find myself on the ground. I reached a point where something needed to be done to make my life better and safer.

After speaking with some coworkers about different knee surgeries that were available at Florida Hospital, I decided to call Dr. Cole’s office for an appointment to discuss MAKOplasty.  As soon as I met Dr. Cole, I felt very confident in him and in the MAKO procedure.

Once the surgery was scheduled, I was guided through all of the preoperative procedures, appointments and paper work by the orthopaedic patient care liaison, Christen. Even though I work at Florida Hospital, it was helpful to have her assistance. The orthopaedic clinical specialist, Donna, provided me with so much information on what to expect for surgery, post op and recovery at home that I felt well prepared and had no questions by the time I had surgery.

The inpatient care was excellent. I was up and walking with physical therapy a few hours after my surgery. The nursing staff provided me with everything I needed and pain management was effective. I left the hospital the following morning after walking with physical therapy again. The physical therapist worked with me to ensure that I knew all the exercises and knew what to do once I got home. Everything progressed just as Donna had explained to me.  Donna called to check on me several times at home to make sure everything was going as planned. I returned to work two weeks later.

Since the surgery in March, I haven’t had any problems with the surgical knee. I can’t say the same for the other one.  A few weeks ago my husband and I were in Yosemite hiking and enjoying the outdoors. It was then that I really realized that my MAKO knee was doing great and it was the other knee that caused discomfort. I plan to have the MAKO procedure on that knee too.  I encourage anyone who has painful, “cranky” knees and find that they are not doing the activities that they once enjoyed to investigate the MAKO knee procedure.    

Thanks, Sue