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Patient Care Team

MAKOplasty® Patient Care Team

As part of our special brand of patient care, you’ll have access to the MAKOplasty® Patient Care Team. The team provides support in a logical, connected and timely manner, so that both your medical and personal needs are met.

MAKO Patient Educator (MPE) - Donna Swenson

Our MAKOplasty® Patient Educator (MPE), Donna Swenson, is a credentialed health care professional who is on the front line with patients. She is a constant source of support throughout the patient’s entire process with a focus on education. Her goal is to provide accurate evidenced-based information about osteoarthritis and the revolutionary MAKOplasty partial knee resurfacing and total hip replacement procedures, while helping each patient understand what to expect during their procedure and recovery.

Swenson completed her nursing education at Yale – New Haven Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut, followed by critical care training at Montefiore Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh. She worked in critical care nursing leadership and is part of the original Fracture Care Team at Florida Hospital. She believes education is essential in the healing process.

MAKO Clinical Liaison (MCL) – Tracy Fornasier

Our MAKO Clinical Liaison, Tracy Fornasier, strengthens information sharing, making sure vital links are there between all your care providers. She ensures the care plan is delivered in a complementary and timely manner. As the link between you, your doctor and the entire clinical team, Tracy works hand-in-hand with your MAKO Patient Liaison and Educator to ensure that services are tailored to your individual needs, ranging from help with pain management to ongoing disease information. She is the constant link between patients and physicians to ensure the line of communication is efficient. Fornasier has worked with Dr. Cole for 16 years and is a vital part of the clinical team.


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